Susan Sinclair  creates art and vessels of kiln-formed glass. The techniques to shape glass within a kiln make endless combinations of design possible. She employs the different behaviours of glass depending upon the viscosity and chemical content of specific colours and the state of the initial medium, such as powder versus sheet. Susan takes inspiration from two sources: the colour combinations found in the natural world, and her background in archaeology, specifically the development of pottery and porcelains.​​

Susan is  a member of the Contemporary Glass Society,  Somerset Art Works and a Craft Member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen

Pete Sinclair designs and creates art, home ware and jewellery from unusual hardwoods and burrs.  The wood used are native hardwoods such as spalted beech, ash, walnut, yew, and oak,  and occasional exotic woods. Before turning the wood, Pete looks for what is inside to draw that out, accentuating any features the wood presents, creating organic shapes and reflecting the nature of the wood.  His turned bangles combine stainless steel or copper, hardwood and hardwood with coloured resin, making each one a unique and collectable work of wearable art.


Pete is a member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain and a member of Somerset Art Works.