Gallery - Wood

  1. Australian Gum Burr Bowl
    Australian Gum Burr Bowl
    turned; 21cm x 18cm x 7cm (depth)
  2. Burr and Resin Bangle
    Burr and Resin Bangle
    Buckeye Burr and Silver Blue Resin bangle on stainless steel
  3. Natural Edge Bowl
    Natural Edge Bowl
    turned; natural edged cedar; 17cm diameter x 13cm height
  4. Three Candleholders
    Three Candleholders
    Three candleholders made of spalted beech (commission)
  5. Bangles
    four rare wood and stainless steel bangles
  6. Cherry Bowl
    Cherry Bowl
    cherry wood, turned 19cm diameter x 5cm depth
  7. "Moon Rocket"
    "Moon Rocket"
    Natural edged vase, 17.5cm x 11cm diameter
  8. Zebrano Bowl
    Zebrano Bowl
    small zebrano bowl, turned, 12.5cm diameter x 4.5cm depth
  9. Natural Edge Bowl
    Natural Edge Bowl
    Natural edged vase/bowl; spalted beech (commission)
  10. Deep Cherry Bowl
    Deep Cherry Bowl
    cherry wood, turned 20cm diameter x 6.5cm depth
  11. Vesuvius
    Natural edged sculpture, 13cm x 19.5cm
  12. Vase
    Turned vase of spalted beech (commission)
  13. Tall Vase
    Tall Vase
    Layered Plywood

I am intrigued by the natural shape and flaws that make up individual pieces of raw wood.  A “perfect” bowl is not what I strive for - rather, I want to enhance and highlight the flaws that are the evidence of the organic quality of wood.  For me, this is what makes each piece unique.  I begin with a general idea of what I believe the wood will provide, but as I work the piece on the lathe, different features may become apparent.  These hidden aspects are what I aim to bring to the surface, enhancing the effects of nature.